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Waste for Warmth: Upcycling Plastic Waste to Tackle the Harsh Winter Conditions in Turkey’s Refugee Camps

The Waste For Warmth project was formed to help displaced people deal with harsh winter conditions. The idea? To turn plastic waste into winterization solutions. The team used design thinking to gather further insights and improved the prototype with iterative user tests.

Curiosity and Freestyle: Redesigning the In-Flight Meal Experience

What could L Airlines have been doing wrong so that customers were dissatisfied with their in-flight meal experience – on a 90 minute flight? 

Japan Patent Office Strives to Bridge Invention and Innovation through Design-Driven Management

Is Japan really innovative or just advanced in invention? The Japan Patent Office (JPO) identified the gap between invention and innovation and strives to incorporate design mindsets and methods to bridge them in Japanese industry.

Umpqua – Slow Banking: Building a Community Experience

Banks are boring. Community banks are getting globalized.
Then, how did a small Oregon-based bank succeed into one of the best in the world?

B2B Design Thinking: Product Innovation when the User is a Network

When B2B companies talk about user experience, they are really considering the aggregated needs of multiple people and roles in a large ecosystem. But what happens when those objectives are vastly different for every individual?

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