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Umpqua – Slow Banking: Building a Community Experience

Banks are boring. Community banks are getting globalized.
Then, how did a small Oregon-based bank succeed into one of the best in the world?

B2B Design Thinking: Product Innovation when the User is a Network

When B2B companies talk about user experience, they are really considering the aggregated needs of multiple people and roles in a large ecosystem. But what happens when those objectives are vastly different for every individual?

IBM: Design Thinking Adaptation and Adoption at Scale

How IBM made sense of ‘generic design thinking’ for tens of thousands of people.

Building Trust with Prototypes: An IoT solution at Piller

An IoT solution in the German Mittelstand? Small and medium-sized enterprises are the powerhouse of Germany’s economy, but they often shy away from embedded systems technology. During an innovation cooperation with SAP’s German SME department, a team from Piller Blowers & Compressors paved the way for building trust in a bigger solution: a predictive maintenance service for their higher-performance machines.

Feeling in Control: Bank of America Helps Customers to “Keep the Change”

How do you encourage new customers to open bank accounts? In 2004, Bank of America assigned design agency IDEO to boost their enrollment numbers: a problem lacking any user perspective or problem (yet).

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