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Due to design thinkings ongoing hype, we receive many inquiries (e.g. on “final understandings of design thinking definitions”, supervision of final theses, or the like). We hope for your understanding that we are not able to answer all of them as we are just a small group of PhD students and research-oriented design thinking practitioners. We might forward inquiries to people who are able to help, but with this website we primarily focus on the goals stated here. Any questions which arise from that are collected in the following:

Typical FAQ's of our visitors

Can I display the case studies as a kind of slideshow?

People from innovation labs asked us whether they could showcase our stories in their public screens in visitor areas or the like. We are now happy to say: yes you can!

We tinkered together this little slideshow tool here (Google Chrome only!).

Additionally MAC users can download and use our ‘Design Thinking Cases’ ScreenSaver tool (based on the awesome WebViewScreenSaver by liquidx).

Download the Design Thinking Cases ScreenSaver (Mac OS X only)


I want to share a story on design thinking in our organization. How can I contribute?

Great! Just contact us and briefly delineate how you use design thinking. You might also enter your organization/project into our open list here. If our circle of editors decides to write a story about it, we’ll get back in touch with you for an interview or visit.

Please bear in mind that we – the circle of editors – choose the spectrum of stories we publish on this blog. We strive for a maximum of independence and neutrality: It is therefore not possible to propose or even pre-write a story. Blog posts can only be written by our editors. As we also want to avoid any conflicts of interest, no editor is allowed to write an article for an organization he is working for. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

How do I become an editor/author?

This website aims at uniting as many points of views as possible. If you want to become author or if you know an interesting case please get in touch with us. For writing case studies or even conducting interviews, it is mandatory that you have gained some design thinking experience so far. We explicitly invite post-graduate students and students with 4+ years of working experience with design thinking to contribute as authors. Preferably you are a PhD or senior MBA candidate who looks critically into the phenomenon of design thinking and who has first-hand access to empirical data for writing the stories.


I want to write my M.A./B.A. thesis about design thinking: Can you connect me to contact persons from the industry?

Sorry, we don’t do that. We receive many requests like this and encourage interested students to contact organizations themselves.

Do you supervise Masters or Bachelors theses?

Unfortunately we don’t do that. We are a small team of mostly academic volunteers who run this site besides our normal daily obligations (doing doctorates, teaching courses, running businesses). We neither have time nor resources to supervise student theses. Nevertheless we hope that this site serves as a starting point for interested students. This list might for example be a good first overview of potential organizations for interviews/research.

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