Jan Schmiedgen, Innovation Facilitator

"Design Thinking as a timeless cognitive practice will never be dead: The label maybe soon. That’s why we need a more well-informed and unagitated discourse."

Jan is a Berlin-based innovation facilitator who calls himself »user value evangelist« and expert in not knowing. Being a hybrid by practical (interaction design) and academic training (social sciences and management studies) he has over 15 years experience in applying designerly ways of strategyzing for a multitude of clients.

He strongly believes that a »design attitude« may be the base for a contemporary way of thinking which is capable of leading humankind to more intelligently aligned socio-technical and environmental systems (which have a positive ecological and societal impact).

Jans tags of interest: user value, value creation, business design, ecosystems, service innovation, circular economy

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Jan is a passionate innovation researcher and facilitator who calls himself »user value evangelist«. He trains and advises organizations in design-driven business planning.

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