Jan Schmiedgen, Innovation Strategist, Design Thinking Adaptation Specialist

"Design Thinking as a timeless cognitive practice will never be dead: The label maybe soon. That’s why we need a more well-informed and unagitated discourse."

Jan is a Berlin-based innovation researcher and strategist with a focus on human-centered design. He has a professional background in digital interaction design, social sciences, and corporate economics. Jan has been advising companies on all aspects of design-driven strategy from startups and SMEs to DAX blue chips. He is co-founder and partner at the co:dify Group, where he accompanies leaders and change agents in setting up sustainable and human-centric innovation systems in their organizations.

In 2014, he joined the HPI Stanford Design Thinking Research Program and co-authored the study “Parts Without A Whole”, which laid the foundation for ThisIsDesignThinking.net. From time to time he also enjoys co-creating new professional training formats with the HPI Academy.

Currently, Jan codifies his insights from 5+ years of research and over 15 years of practice into new learning experiences and programs for corporate intrapreneurs and leaders in charge of large-scale change and innovation strategy.

Jans tags of interest: user value, value creation, business design, ecosystems, service innovation, circular economy

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Jan is a passionate innovation researcher and strategist. He trains and advises organizations in large-scale change by design.

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