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Reinventing Solar Energy
 Supply for Rural Africa

There are 1.6 billion people in the world with no access to electricity. Mobisol set out to change that fact four years ago, starting in East Africa. Conducting field research without having a final product in mind, the three-person startup developed a business idea and a business model – and is now a market leading company.

Extreme Bathroom Users: Lapeyre Embraces the Elderly

A major French furniture company challenges an international team of students to redesign the bathroom experience for the elderly – and receives a product that ends up changing the way their organization approaches senior customers.

How an Improved Food Service Creates a Better Life Quality for Elderly People

The numbers of malnourished elderlies in Danish assisted living facilities are alarming. Therefore, the Municipality of Holstebro commissioned the redesign of their meal service. The result is called The Good Kitchen.

Early Approaches: The US Tax Forms Simplification Project

This case concerns one of the earliest attempts by design thinkers at designing a large, complex system. It shows that design approaches in the public sector can look back at a long history. And it reveals how design thinking within the organization must include members of the whole organization in the design process.

Designer Nights Out: Good Urban Planning Can Reduce Drunken Violence

Violent crime and the loss of young lives in assaults pose a frightening problem in many urban city districts. This case from Australia shows how the ‘Designing Out Crime Research Center’ aimed to devise solutions for Sydney’s Kings Cross area, recently renowned for its alcohol-fuelled violence.

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